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Located in Southern California, the SDFC Egg Donor Program offers one of the largest egg donation databases, while maintaining a very high standard for egg donor screening. Besides genetic, medical, and sexually transmitted disease screening potential egg donors also undergo an elaborate social and psychological screening which includes personality and attitude assessment, as well as an in-depth interview for motives and personal background. Only egg donors who have completed this process have been added to our list of anonymous egg donors.

How to Use our Egg Donor Database

Our egg donor database provides you with in-depth information on each donor - and it's free to access! Once you have registered for the egg donor database and logged in, you will see a simple search menu. The search process usually starts off identifying basic traits such as eye color, hair color and race. From those results you can use the sorting tools in our database to start looking at more specific variables. The donor profiles include pictures, physical statistics, the mother/father's ethnic origin, religion, GPA, occupation, exercise habits, medical information, a questionnaire answered by the donor and much more.

User identification codes and passwords assigned to subscribers are the sole property of the San Diego Fertility Center and may not be shared with or disclosed to any person(s) or identity(s).

Unauthorized access, disclosure or use of egg donor pictures and/or egg donor profile information from our egg donation database is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the applicable Federal and State copyright laws which provide severe and criminal penalties for unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution and/or exhibition of copyrighted materials.