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Egg Donor Screening

At San Diego Fertility Center, we are proud of keeping a very high standard for donor screening.

Our donors must be between the ages 20 and 29 and be in excellent health. We perform genetic, medical, and sexually transmitted disease screening in addition to a most elaborate social and psychological screening. Psychological screenings are performed by a licensed therapist with a degree in psychology and includes personality and attitude assessment, and an in depth interview for motives and personal background. While this makes ovum donation very expensive, it assures the highest standards of medical care which couples desire.

Role of Egg Donor Coordinators

When a donor has completed this process and has been admitted into our egg donor program, she is added to our database of available egg donors. A recipient, in conjunction with the egg donor program director, selects a match that meets pre-identified criteria. Nurse coordinators monitor and calendar the egg donor treatment cycle to culminate in the donor egg IVF process with the following embryo transfer.