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International & Local Travel

Families travel from around the world for the experience and excellence offered by San Diego Fertility Center.

We have many out-of-state and international patients who travel to our San Diego fertility clinic for medical services. The following provides information about combining your egg donation cycle at the San Diego Fertility Center with a pleasant vacation in San Diego, California.

Options for Out of Town Recipients:

Most of our out of town recipients of donor eggs have the monitoring of their uterine lining (usually only 1 ultrasound test needed) done in their home area. Then the couple comes to San Diego a day or 2 prior to the donor's egg retrieval. The couple usually then stays in San Diego until the embryo transfer. The total length of stay in San Diego is 4-7 days.

Plan 1

You can do a "initial consult" first so that we can go over your case in detail and discuss all relevant issues. You can then have the monitoring of your uterine lining performed in your home area. Usually, only one ultrasound is required to document a proper uterine lining.

The Intended Father or sperm producer should plan to be at our clinic on the day of donor's egg retrieval unless we have previously frozen sperm. The Intended Mother or gestational surrogate should plan for a final ultrasound prior to the donor’s egg retrieval unless the plan involves a “freeze all” of embryos for a later transfer. This is the most common scenario utilized by patients living far away.

Plan 2

You can come for a "new patient visit" and come back for "Plan 1" above when we do the egg donation cycle. This way, we meet in person and can do an ultrasound on you and perform a "mock embryo transfer" (a trial, or "uterine sound).

Plan 3

You can make one extended trip to our area and have the monitoring of your uterine lining as well as the embryo transfer performed in our center and then return home. This option requires a 2-3 week stay here. The exact duration of the stay depends on the duration of the ovarian stimulation of the egg donor. In this scenario, we have you do a long distance consult prior to coming in person to make sure the relevant issues are covered.

Your Treatment in Greater Detail

In all cases, the male partner needs to be here by the day before the donor egg retrieval procedure. We need his sperm on the day of the egg retrieval in order to inseminate the donor eggs. The female recipient needs to arrive here by the day before the scheduled embryo transfer procedure.

We prefer (but do not insist) that you have 1- 2 days of "modified bed rest" after the embryo transfer. Therefore, we prefer that you stay in this area for 1-2 days after the transfer. However, many (successful) couples have traveled home either the evening of the transfer, or the next day.